SALT Flash Sale

Greetings SALTy people!

Easter is just around the corner and we feel like celebrating in advance!  

So, along with all the jelly beans, peeps, and plastic eggs, we think you should consider adding to your Easter basket a full set of SALT's signature, small group DVDs (with accompanying study guides!).

To that end, we're holding a "flash sale" that just might be as dazzling bright as Jesus' face up on that Mount of Transfiguration.  Here are the details:

6 SALT Films + 50% Off = $45.00 (3 Days Only)

  • Baptism
  • Bless
  • Creation
  • Mountains
  • Resurrection
  • Strange Fruit

This sale will last for three days only (Friday, 5pm to Sunday 5pm), and all orders will be shipped on Monday - in plenty of time to include in your pastor's Easter basket!

Happy almost Feast of the Resurrection!


The SALT Team 

Elizabeth MyerComment