Baptismal Prayer


Drink deep, little one…

The water poured over you today
has been part of the world since its beginning
and will be until its end.

It quenches the thirst of the gasping
and cools the throats of the parched

it washes the world clean

it lets the world live.

Drink deep, little one.
Soak it up.

Drown in its life.

It’s yours now.

+ Cheryl Lawrie


The key to understanding the meaning of Lent is simple: baptism.  Preparation for baptism and for renewing baptismal vows on Easter Sunday lies at the heart of this mysterious season...  Happy beginning of Lent, everyone! 

Also, a sweet SALT "thank you" to Cheryl Lawrie for her beautiful words!  More, so many more, of her words can be found over at Hold This Space.  And, thanks to Andre Anna for sharing this dreamy little babe with the world!