Pass the SALT

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We all know the church needs a little facelift (that's putting it mildly!) and, over here at SALT, we think we can be a part of the solution by making Christianity more radiant, more relevant, more beautiful, and more inspiring!

In order to do that, however, we need you!  We need everyone in the SALT community to help this project become sustainable.  We need you to spread the word and pass the SALT so that more people can see, read, watch, hear, taste, enjoy, and respond to what's being created over here at SALT. 

To that end, we'd love to ask you to help us get the word out!  Can you "Pass the SALT" to your mother, your sister, your uncle, your grandmother, your brother-from-another-mother?  Can you email our URL to your pastor, your fellow seminarians, the woman who does your drycleaning, your postal carrier?

We can't help but wonder: what if every church in the country (and beyond!) gathered together in small groups this Lent to watch "Strange Fruit"?  What if every teenage girl (and boy!) read Liz's magnificent post on body hair?  What if everyone listened to the sweet songs of Butterflyfish?  

If you think SALT is making the world kinder, softer, more compassionate, and maybe even a little more beautiful, take a few moments this week and pass the SALT! 

Thanks in advance,

The SALT Team

Elizabeth MyerComment