Hamlet: The Annunciation


Move over King Kong.  Goodbye Gumby.  See you later Tim Burton.  There’s a new stop-motion pig in town, and his name is “Hamlet!”

Filled with tutus and bluebirds, goofy sound effects and knock-knock jokes, this little stop-motion animation film is sure to please everyone, from two to ninety two!  We love the way in which this little pig can take the old, old story of Gabriel's visit to Mary and make it all shiny and new.

If you love Hamlet as much as we do (and how could you not!?), feel free give him a little Twitter, Facebook, and/or Pinterest love!  And, if you’re interested in introducing Hamlet to your church, you can download an HD version of the film here.

Finally, if $12 is out of your congregation's price range, let us know and we’ll dropbox you a copy on us (we’d hate for anyone to miss out!)!

Peace and love,

The SALT Team