"All I Really Want," Quinn Caldwell


Listen up, people - this just might be the best darn Advent and Christmas devotional book (and book trailer!) ever!

If you're looking for seasonal readings for the harried, the hurried, and/or the spiritually hungry - look no further than Quinn Caldwell's newest book, "All I Really Want."

Here's Abingdon's synopsis: "Sometimes the happiest and holiest time of the year is also the hardest for people to enjoy. These daily readings offer the skeptic, the over-committed the opportunity to make room-perhaps just enough room for God to show up. The weeks leading up to Christmas can spark a strong spiritual longing for more. Although it may never be articulated, we sense beneath those longings is a yearning for an experience of God. These brief writings address the challenges and realities of the season and include a simple action, ritual or meditation designed to gently steer the reader toward the deeper meaning that underlies the season. Smart, witty, edgy—and always hopeful—readings by Quinn Caldwell include a brief prayer for each morning and evening during the entire Christmas season. This book takes seriously the modern person’s hunger for meaning and import in a season that feels increasingly frivolous. Includes a calendar with one easy task to do each day."

We're so excited about the release of this book and feel super grateful that Quinn chose SALT to create the book trailer!  If you're interested in picking up, "All I Really Want," for yourself or for everyone in your church, know this: it's being sold wherever books are sold, and also right here!