Festival of Light

We know, we know!  The Festival of Epiphany or the Festival of Light is probably the least observed celebration of the church year.  Everyone is either wrestling their trees out to the street or pushing down the recycling with the hope of fitting in one more cardboard box, but we couldn’t let this lovely holiday slip by without shining a little light on it!

As you know, the meaning of “epiphany” is “manifestation,” “revelation,” or perhaps best translated, “new understanding.”  When the Magi looked at that wrinkled little babe, they received new understanding of the way in which God is at work in the world.

We made this super cute, stop-motion animation film for our beloved SALT community to help you, your families, and your congregations celebrate Epiphany.  Our prayer is that God will continue to surprise and delight us all, casting away our shadows, and letting us shine bright with love, grace, and hope for a broken-down world.

So, as you leave out bowls filled with grass and water for the Magi’s camels on January 6th, please enjoy this glittery little present from everyone over at SALT!

Happy almost Epiphany,

The SALT Team