Yesterday's Pain

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For some people, the twinkling lights, parties, tinsel, and non-stop caroling of Christmas stand in stark contrast to feelings of grief and loss.  And so, for those suffering through these short days and long nights, here is a heart-felt and honest poem that we hope will help put the stars back into your skies, one by one.

Yesterday's Pain

In the godforsaken, obscene quicksand of life, 

there is a deafening alleluia 

rising from the souls of those who weep, 

and of those who weep with those who weep. 

If you watch, you will see 

the hand of God 

putting the stars back in their skies 

one by one 

Yesterday's Pain 

Some of us walk in Advent 

tethered to our unresolved yesterdays 

the pain still stabbing 

the hurt still throbbing. 

It's not that we don't know better; 

it's just that we can't stand up anymore by ourselves. 

On the way of Bethlehem, will you give us a hand?

+ Ann Weems

A big SALT thank you to Ann Weems, a fierce Christian poet who lost her son to murder the day after his 21st birthday.  Also, thanks to Virginie Millour for this beautiful Christmas card shot!

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