A Mason Jar Advent (Personal Use)

A Mason Jar Advent (Personal Use)


Before there was plastic, we preserved summer’s bounty in simple mason jars, so that even in the barren days of winter, we could taste God’s goodness and foretaste the bounty and harvest to come.

Introducing, “A Mason Jar Advent,” a printable Advent calendar in the form of beautifully illustrated gift tags, each with an Advent prayer, activity, conversation starter, or social media prompt.  Each type of tag gets its own colored ribbon, and all the tags then go into a simple mason jar. As each day unfolds, you simply draw a card - and day by day, week by week, prayer by prayer, action by action, together we count down to that holy night when God slips into the world.

Advent is a season for stepping away from the frantic busy-ness, the clutter of stuff wrapped in plastic - and embracing instead a time to slow down, breathe, and refocus on God’s love and goodness. Like mason jars themselves, this calendar is all about keeping things simple and helping preserve what’s truly important.

What’s more, this lovely calendar has an equally lovely companion, a Customizable Short Film for congregations featuring the calendar’s artwork and some lovely mason jar snow globes, pickles, and strawberry jam - God’s bounty preserved for this world as it already is in heaven!

Files: This listing is for a downloadable PDF and comes with printing instructions.  We’ve also included an extra PDF formatted for pre-perforated Avery Printable Tags with Strings (Product 22802) if you prefer not to cut out all the tags yourself :)

Please note: you will not receive a physical product as this is a digital download.

Finally, A Mason Jar Advent is for personal/congregational use only, which means these pages may not be reproduced commercially, duplicated, or resold :)

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