Mary "Revolution of Love" Advent Coloring Posters (Personal Use)

Mary "Revolution of Love" Advent Coloring Posters (Personal Use)


Advent is full of vivid, evocative images: stars falling, deserts blooming, and a young woman proclaiming God’s revolution of love through song.  What better way to encounter and inhabit these images than through creativity and color!

We’re thrilled to announce that SALT has teamed up with illustrator extraordinaire Jordan Sunburg of Tin Cup Design to bring churches and families around the world five extraordinary coloring posters – inspired by this year’s lectionary texts – fit for Advent artists of all ages.

As you well know, coloring pages are everywhere, and for good reason:  for young and old alike, coloring can be expressive, meditative, stress-relieving, and just plain fun.  SALT’s modern and theologically rich designs invite folks into the season’s deeper meanings and mysteries, and the posters’ large-scale size makes building intergenerational community a cinch, since several people can gather around them and color together.

A rainbow of options await:

  • Imagine a coloring station for children inside the sanctuary during worship
  • Imagine a Sunday School class gathering around a poster each week of the season, breathing color into hope, peace, joy, and love
  • Imagine intergenerational Advent workshops where the posters are colored, discussed, and then displayed as milestones on the journey to the manger
  • Imagine an elder care ministry using the posters in a nursing home, or connecting elders and children through crayons and creativity

Getting started is as easy as one, two, three:

  1. Your digital image file will be available for download immediately upon completing your purchase. 
  2. Email the files to your local printer (Staples and FedEx work great!) and ask to have each poster printed on 4’x3’ “engineering print” paper.  Please note: it’s important to stress that you’d like to have it printed on “engineering print” paper and not as a banner; printing all five banners should be less than $40 to print.
  3. Unleash your community’s imagination and let it shine!  And, be sure to send us pictures of your Advent masterpieces - no hiding under bushel baskets allowed!
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