Lenten Resource Roundup

Lenten Resource Roundup

Lent is here!  So, over here at SALT, we’re collecting a smattering of our best resources to accompany you along the journey.  From insightful devotionals to thought-provoking sermon fodder, SALT has a resource for every Lenten prepper and pilgrim.

The Things We Carry is a thoughtful discussion surrounding the invisibility of our baggage, and the need to show compassion to everyone we meet because we never know what burdens they may be carrying.

Wilderness is an important, painful, and ultimately triumphant meditation on the season of Lent as a time of honesty, confession, and repentance.   A time to strip away the carefully manicured facade; at time to get real.   

Consider going vegan for Lent!  What better way to honor God’s living creatures than cutting out not only meat but all animal products, preserving the lives of our furry and too often vulnerable companions on this sweet Earth?

Even though Lent has already started, it’s not too late to pick up SALT’s simple and beautiful resource for progressive churches to use on their Lenten journeys.  Practicing Lent is a booklet written and designed to challenge you to see the hope and light even and especially in the wilderness.

Our short worship film Lenten Prayer goes beyond giving up chocolate or Facebook for Lent.  Truth-telling is key, and that starts with our acknowledgment of brokenness, of wilderness, of racism, of violence, of judgment, and so on.  Share this short film with your congregation during worship, retreats, or feel free to use on your church’s Facebook page to encourage others who have embarked upon this difficult, grace-filled, wilderness journey.

Finally, this is for all the pastors our there!  Feel free to borrow this thoughtful, kind, and challenging Lenten Call to Worship and Benediction to give your Lent preparation a quick boost. 

Okay, that’s all from us over here at SALT!

Blessings and traveling mercies,

The SALT Team