Greetings from SALT!

As you know, we’re imagining your church using this little gem in several ways: 

1) Embedded in your church's website (for best results, you’ll need to download the HD, Quicktime (mp4) file of the film from the Dropbox link we will send along, upload it onto your YouTube or Vimeo page, and then embed the link from there!)

2) As a fun invitation that church folks can forward to their friends, family members, co-workers, etc., and share on social media (again, any sharing should be done with the link from your YouTube and/or Vimeo page!)

3) As a zippy "thank you" and "please visit again" note that you can send to Sunday morning visitors (we do this through MailChimp!)

4) Something you might watch during worship, use on information/announcement screens on your campus, and/or use a TV spots! 
To this end, once the film is finished (we usually turn them around within 7-10 days), we will be Dropboxing you an HD, Quicktime file (mp4) that you can download onto your laptop or desktop and then upload onto your church’s YouTube or Vimeo page.  Those platforms will then generate a link that you can embed onto your website, and/or share on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.  We will also be sending you a link of stills from the shoot that you are welcome to use on your website, social media sites, in newsletters, etc.
Thanks again for stepping out in faith with us and for your ongoing support of SALT!  

As always, please send along any feedback, comments, suggestions, or things you'd like to see in the future.
The SALT Team