The Poetry of Lent: A Lenten Companion to Mary Oliver's "Devotions" (Individual)

The Poetry of Lent: A Lenten Companion to Mary Oliver's "Devotions" (Individual)


Every journey needs a guide - and what better guide to the 40 days of Lent than the beloved poet, Mary Oliver?

Winner of both the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award, Oliver is widely celebrated as an accessible, insightful observer of the natural world, the life of faith, and the interplay between the two. Imagine a six-week journey with Oliver at your side, illuminating ancient passages of scripture; provoking bite-sized meditations on key Lenten themes; and pointing toward everyday practices for individuals and families. All you need is this devotional, a Bible, and a copy of Oliver’s wonderful collection, Devotions (the poems can also be found online).

As always, this resource can stand alone, or it can be used in tandem with SALT’s suite of hand-illustrated clip art for Lent (for bulletins or screens), and/or with SALT’s Customizable Short Film The Poetry of Lent. Use these resources together for a winsome, seamlessly integrated approach to the Lenten season.

The scriptural passages in this devotional correspond to Year B in the Revised Common Lectionary - but since their themes are universal, this devotional can be used fruitfully during any Lenten season.

Files: This listing is for a downloadable PDF, printing instructions, and also an e-reader version of the devotional. Please note: you will not receive a physical product as this is a digital download.

This resource is for personal use only, which means it may not be reproduced, duplicated, or resold. :)

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