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It can be tough to find both kid and parent approved music for families to share together, especially when those songs seek to explore the depths and heights of faith.  SALT’s house band, Butterflyfish, however, has successfully broken down generational barriers and musical genre divides to bring the world some folksy, accessible music that speaks to all ages, from 2 to 92!

The harmonic trio of Butterflyfish - comprised of Zoë Daggett Krohne and Matt and Elizabeth Myer Boulton's diverse vocals - hails from New England, but southern and midwestern influences seep through in the group’s bluegrass-meets-gospel style, a reflection of their shared geographical heritage.  Spiritual themes are brought to life through an enchanting collection of original songs, as well as modern versions of long-beloved classics.  A blend of Christian and Jewish stories weave singalong-friendly lyrics and catchy melodies and the synchronization of the vocalists creating a vibrant harmony.

We're kindof biased, but we think Butterflyfish is the sweetest little crossover band, spanning the divide between the indie scene and old fashioned gospel choirs of old.  The goal of this musical venture is, quite simply, to create music that encourages children, parents, and grandparents to wonder together about the mysteries of life.

Follow Butterflyfish’s journey from their debut album, “Ladybug” to their follow up release, “Great and Small," who's title track takes listeners on a journey through an ancient Jewish tale, reflecting on the hazards of both pride and discouragement.  The tale goes like this:  every person should have two pockets, with a scrap of paper in each.  One scrap should read, “I am but dust and ashes,” a line from the Book of Genesis.  And, the other should read, “For my sake was the world created,” a line from the Talmud.  Whenever we feel too proud, the rabbis taught, we should read the first; whenever we feel discouraged, we should read the second.

This delightfully diverse collection of songs range from folk and bluegrass to gospel and spiritual, with a seamless transition between sweet and light, and truthful and clear.  And, the best news of all: we're launching a Butterflyfish CD Giveaway this week!  All you have to do is leave a comment below (with your email address!) before Friday, and, over the weekend, we'll draw 5 lucky names out of a hat, and post the winners on Monday morning.  Good luck!

Love and banjos,

The SALT Project


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